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Tell Congress to Put Breast Cancer Out of Work!

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Tip Card: Out and About


Prevention starts in your everyday environments.

Read the tips below, then download the printable card to share with friends and family.

Download the Out and About Tip Card.

Tip 1: Find the right sunscreen

Many sunscreens contain hormone-disrupting chemicals that are bad for us and for aquatic life. Look for ones with non-nanoized titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, and avoid ones with 3-(4-methylbenzylidene)-camphor (4-MBC); octinoxate/octyl- methoxycinnamate (OMC); homosalate (HMS); and oxybenzone.

Tip 2: Find safe ways to fight germs

These days it seems like everything claims to be antibacterial—soaps, toothpaste, clothing, bedding, band-aids, toys, cutting boards—you name it. Chances are, these products contain triclosan, an antimicrobial agent that is suspected of interfering with the hormone systems of humans and wildlife. There’s no evidence that triclosan is more effective than soap and water, so trade in the toxics for some good, old- fashioned elbow grease.

Tip 3: Go chemical-free in your garden

Chemical pesticides are designed to kill pests and weeds, so it’s no surprise that they aren’t good for humans either. And their residue can hang around for years, allowing for ongoing exposure. Ask your garden store about non-toxic alternatives, or look for organic pest- management tips such as DIY recipes that rely on everyday items like vinegar and dish soap.

  • Learn more about how to protect yourself and the environment.
  • Tip 4: Join the Breast Cancer Fund to learn the science, get more tips and take action.

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