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What labels don't tell you about BPA

Protect pregnant women & the next generation from toxic BPA!



Ensuring Non-toxic Toys

We worked hard to get a federal ban on phthalates in toys. Now, children are protected from these toxic chemicals linked to breast cancer.

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Educate Friends and Family

Share prevention with the people in your life!

You can send free e-cards to your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues, from personal tips to videos to science. Or download our tip cards to print, carry and share.


  • all tip cards

    Download Tip Cards

    Print and share our tips for safer choices at home, outside and in the beauty aisle.

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  • 10 Canned Foods to Avoid wallet card

    10 Canned Foods to Avoid Wallet Card

    Reduce your BPA exposure! Print your wallet card, then share with friends and family.

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  • Share State of the Evidence

    Point others to our review of the science linking breast cancer to our environment.

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  • The Story of Cosmetics

    Share The Story of Cosmetics

    Watch and share The Story of Cosmetics, a hard-hitting short film about toxic chemicals in cosmetics.

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  • Share video: Breast Cancer Prevention Starts With Us

    Share the Breast Cancer Fund Video

    Watch and share our new video, Breast Cancer Prevention Starts With Us.

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