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  • Working Women & Breast Cancer report no text

    Working Women and Breast Cancer

    A first of its kind review, the report uncovers more than 20 occupations associated with considerably increased risk of breast cancer compared to the risk for the general population.

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  • Disrupted Development: the Dangers of Prenatal BPA Exposure

    Disrupted Development: the Dangers of Prenatal BPA Exposure

    NEW:A comprehensive review of the scientific evidence linking fetal BPA exposure to later-life health problems.

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  • State of the Evidence 2010

    State of the Evidence

    Before going digital, we published six editions of this landmark report summarizing the science linking environmental exposures to breast cancer.

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  • BPA in canned foods

    BPA in Food Packaging Study

    Our groundbreaking study finds removing certain food packaging from our diet reduces BPA levels by 60 percent.

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  • BPA in Kids' Canned Food report

    BPA in Kids' Canned Food

    We tested six canned foods marketed to kids and found BPA in all of them.

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  • BPA in Thanksgiving Canned Food

    An unwelcome visitor may be joining your Thanksgiving feast: BPA.

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  • What Labels Don't Tell Us, a report by the Breast Cancer Fund

    What Labels Don't Tell Us

    An analysis of BPA in food packaging and people.

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  • No More Toxic Tub report

    Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Reports

    Access reports on children's products, fragrances, nail polish, lipstick and more.

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  • The Falling Age of Puberty In U.S. Girls

    Early puberty is a known risk factor for breast cancer. So what causes it?

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