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February 2010 E-Newsletter

February 2010

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Support the Safe Baby Products Act
When the Breast Cancer Fund and our partners in the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane – carcinogens not listed on ingredient labels – in children’s shampoos and bubble baths nearly a year ago, the FDA didn't act. Fortunately, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand jumped in to fill the gap by introducing the Safe Baby Products Act, which would require FDA to test kids' products for contaminants and prevent contamination in the first place. While we continue to work on a comprehensive solution to cosmetics safety, the Safe Baby Products Act addresses the need to protect kids first.

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News and Updates

FDA Has 'Some Concern' About BPA
In a reversal of its widely-criticized 2008 declaration that bisphenol A was safe, on January 15 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said that the chemical warrants "some concern" for its potential effects on children's development. Though the FDA announcement is a milestone for advocates like the Breast Cancer Fund that seek to ban BPA, the agency's action is neither a ban nor a restriction on the hormone-disrupting chemical. Instead, the FDA supports manufacturers' efforts to remove BPA from products and find alternatives. The FDA stopped short of advising parents to discontinue use of bottles and cans that contain BPA, but did support recommendations to discard scratched BPA baby bottles and avoid putting hot liquids in the containers.

Washington Post: 'Reversing itself, FDA expresses concerns over health risks from BPA' » 

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Investigative Series on Radiation: Gross Negligence

A gripping new series by the New York Times reveals more Americans are receiving medical radiation than ever before, but not without consequences. Radiation exposure is the most widely accepted environmental cause of breast cancer, but can inflict other serious damage as well. The Times series chronicles software flaws, improper training of radiation technicians and other errors that lead to overradiation and missing the intended treatment area. In some cases, patients have died from injuries incurred from overradiation. According to the Times, no single agency oversees medical radiation, accidents are chronically underreported, many workers who have made mistakes during a patient's radiation therapy are still practicing, and, through a rather strict New York law, hospitals that report medical mistakes can have their identity shielded. Some strides have been made, including the Breast Cancer Fund's successful passage of a California radiation standards law in 2005, but we have far to go to ensure patients receive the lowest possible dose of radiation.

New York Times: 'Radiation offers new cures, and ways to do harm' »

Radiation and breast cancer »

Don't Miss Machu Picchu

Sacred Treks Machu Picchu
Dates: May 17-28 (only two spaces left!) and May 31-June 11
Location: Machu Picchu, Peru

Only a few spots remain for this expertly guided trek through the celebrated Inca ruins of Machu Picchu! Join Cathy Ann Taylor of Cattara for this extraordinary Sacred Treks adventure to benefit the Breast Cancer Fund.

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Online Giving
Support the 2010 Annual Fund
Make your first gift of the year and help us kick off our 2010 Annual Fund Drive! Your support is critical to the success of our public education and policy priorities this year, including a federal ban on BPA in food containers, an overhaul of cosmetics safety laws and the upcoming sixth edition of State of the Evidence: The Connection Between Breast Cancer and the Environment.

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Eco Valentines

Send sustainable flowers or organic chocolates this Valentine's Day, and Organic Bouquet will donate 10 percent of your purchase to the Breast Cancer Fund.

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