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Every jog, hike or trip to the gym adds up to fitness for you and donations to the Breast Cancer Fund.

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Stink! Breast Cancer Prevention Campaign

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Date: Oct 1, 2016 - Oct 31, 2016

Location: Everywhere

The provocative film Stink! opens with a foul smell, a pair of kids pajamas, and a single father trying to find out what that smell could possibly be. But instead of getting a straight answer, director Jon Whelan stumbles on an even bigger issue in America, toxic chemicals running amuck in the consumer products we use every day because of an unregulated chemical industry.

The Breast Cancer Fund and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics are teaming up with the filmmaker this October to talk about the need for state and federal laws that require fragrance suppliers and cosmetic companies to disclose the secret – and often toxic – ingredients that hide under the word “fragrance.” Across the country, as people watch the film, they are learning about this important public health and consumer right to know issue and how they can get involved in advocating for change.

This October, Stink! Will be available for streaming for FREE in honor of Breast Cancer Prevention Month.

Here's how you can help:

1. Learn more about the importance of fragrance disclosure.
2. Act now to demand Unilever fully disclose the fragrance ingredients in their Axe Body Spray and other products.
3. Host a screening of Stink! to raise awareness - and funds - to support our work.

  • Click on Become a Fundraiser above to kick off your campaign. Personalize your page by adding a photo, why you care about breast cancer prevention and safe cosmetics, and the details of your event if you are hosting a screening.
  • Email friends and family to let them know that this October you are supporting the Breast Cancer Fund and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. They can join you by making a donation to your personal page, signing the petition, attending your screening, streaming the film themselves, or all of the above!
  • Download our Tips for Prevention here for free.
  • Request safe cosmetics tip cards to give away at your event.

4. Donate to support the work of the Breast Cancer Fund

Watch the trailer here

Stream the film for free here

Stink! now available for download

To learn more about fragrance disclosure, the action against Unilever, or how to get more involved with the Breast Cancer Fund and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics please contact Sara Schmidt.

If you have questions about fundraising, how to use this site, how to host a fundraising event or making donations, please contact Jessica Smith.