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Every jog, hike or trip to the gym adds up to fitness for you and donations to the Breast Cancer Fund.




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Sacred Treks: Trekking the Georgian Caucasus


Date: Jul 20, 2014 - Aug 1, 2014

Location: The Republic of Georgia

A Journey to The Republic of Georgia

Join guide Cathy Ann Taylor and Cattara—Adventures with Insight for this hiking and cultural adventure. Discover the fascinating and rugged land of the Georgian Caucasus while raising money to support the Breast Cancer Fund.

Sacred Treks offers an extraordinary opportunity to build lasting friendships with a small team of trekkers and to honor loved ones who have faced the challenge of breast cancer. As a benefit for being on the trek and meeting the minimum fundraising goal, some great sponsor gear and incentive prizes will be provided.

The Caucasus, one of the world’s extraordinary mountain domains, is the setting for our hiking trip that explores two distinctly different mountain regions of Georgia: dramatic Khevsureti and the even more remote mountain valleys of Tusheti, a hidden “Shangri-La” defended by ancient stone towers, reminders of the not-so-distant past.

Still largely untouched, Tusheti is a magnet for those seeking a mosaic of fascinating cultures and superb scenery. For centuries, these areas have been home to venerable mountain clans whose traditions include extending a rich hospitality to visitors (in fact, their hospitality borders on the compulsive—be prepared to accept profuse offerings of food and wine!).

Our trek takes us from one historical village to the next, with a chance to meet local people, hear their haunting melodies, listen to poetry, and sleep under the starry sky or stay with them in their traditional homes. Our trip ends in the lowlands of Khakheti province, famed as the birthplace of winemaking. In addition, you’ll fly prayer flags as a tribute to the lives and memories of those who have faced breast cancer. And best of all, you’ll be helping to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Fund.

How to Register

Interested participants must first sign up with Cattara—Adventures with Insight. Once signed on to the trip, participants can start building their personal fundraising pages on the Breast Cancer Fund website. If you're already signed up, go here.

About Sacred Treks

Founded in 2008 by longtime Climb Against the Odds team leader, Breast Cancer Fund Hero and professional guide Cathy Ann Taylor, the Sacred Treks program has taken participants to Bhutan, Mont Blanc, Machu Picchu, Everest Base Camp, Ladakh and Mustang and has raised $667,000 for the Breast Cancer Fund.

More Information

Contact Cathy Ann Taylor at Cattara for more information about the trek and to sign up for the trip: or (415) 331-9539.

Contact Jessica Smith at the Breast Cancer Fund with questions about fundraising or the organization: or (415) 321-2911.