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Our Commitment to You

The Breast Cancer Fund supports your climb journey every step of the way.

We provide tools and assistance to help you train, fundraise and mentally prepare for Climb Against the Odds, including pairing you with a mentor, upon request, who's participated in Climb Against the Odds before.

Learn more about:

Training support
Fundraising support
Awesome gear
Advocacy resources

Training Support 

You'll be connected with a training leader who can answer questions, monitor pre-climb physical preparations and give inspiration. In addition, we do our best to connect climbers with experienced mentors to support their training efforts. In addition, climbers will receive a 12 week online training guide. Climbers will also have the opportunity to share fundraising and training tips with each other during monthly conference calls.

Fundraising Support and Incentives 

The $6,000 minimum may sound daunting, but we will provide extensive support with fundraising information, collateral (brochures, tip cards) for your fundraisers and a personal fundraising web page. Your fundraising page allows family, friends and co-workers to make easy, secure donations online, and our site makes it easy to email people, track gifts, follow up with donors and monitor your fundraising progress.

Historically our climbers have come up with some great creative fundraising ideas, including dinners, garage sales, auctions and more that have helped them reach their fundraising goals. We'll be happy to share their good ideas with you and help you come up with your own!

Awesome Gear 

Through our generous sponsors, each year the Breast Cancer Fund puts together a fabulous gear package for each climber, which typically includes much of the specialized clothing and equipment needed for your climb. This gear package varies each year based on what our sponsors are able to provide.

In 2016 the gear package was valued at approximately $1,500 per climber and included a down parka, backpack, headlamp, baselayers, rain gear, trekking poles, hydration bottles and medical kits.

Advocacy Resources 

As part of your climb journey, we will introduce you to the work of the Breast Cancer Fund through print materials and online resources. As a part of your commitment to the Breast Cancer Fund, you are expected to familiarize yourself with the materials, which will empower you with knowledge about the environmental causes of breast cancer. Beyond this, you will learn how to talk about our prevention work with friends, family and potential donors to your climb, and gain skills in advocating on behalf of prevention now and in the future.