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Sep 25
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Kiss Me, I’m Non-Toxic!

MWAH! The Breast Cancer Fund is THRILLED to once again be teamed up with Tata Harper, a company known for their farm-to-face approach to skincare, on the aptly-named Kiss Me, I’m Non-Toxic campaign. This campaign benefits the Breast Cancer Fund’s continued commitment to the elimination of toxic chemicals from personal care products and our environment, ... Read more...

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Marsha Kampf

Marsha Kampf

I am a 49-year-old breast imaging technologist. I work in a large, very busy Center for Breast Health. Every day we diagnose one to two women with breast cancer.

In June of last year, I had to look no further than my own films to see the cancer growing inside me. I was diagnosed with an invasive ductal breast cancer. Thank goodness I am diligent about getting my mammogram every year! From the moment I was diagnosed I started researching and one of the places that research took me was to the Breast Cancer Fund.

I have spoken publicly to hundreds of women (and men) about prevention and nutrition and believe it is through these two things that our cancer numbers will start to decrease.

I know that over 90% of all breast cancers have no genetic component. I continue to do my full time job as a technologist, but my passion lies in reaching out to all women and making them aware that there are many things we all can do to reduce our risk. We do have control over what we put in and on our bodies, and I urge them to be proactive!