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Annie Leonard
Annie Leonard

As the writer and host of The Story of Stuff, Annie has inspired millions to work toward a sustainable future.

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Prioritizing Prevention


On February 12, 2013, a federal advisory committee co-chaired by Breast Cancer Fund President Jeanne Rizzo, released a report, Breast Cancer and the Environment: Prioritizing Prevention, concluding that preventing exposure to environmental risk factors is the most promising path to decrease incidence of breast cancer.

The report includes the largest to-date survey of peer-reviewed science on breast cancer and the environment, finding that environmental factors like toxic chemical exposure increase breast cancer risk, and identifies the gaps in research and policies. It calls for a national, comprehensive, cross-governmental breast cancer prevention strategy.

Download a 4-page summary of the report recommendations

Download the full report

Visit to learn more.

This report is more than a validation of the Breast Cancer Fund's work to prevent breast cancer by reducing our exposures to chemicals and radiation in our everyday environments. It’s a call to action, and you can help ensure that our leaders heed the call.