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Protect Yourself & the Environment

Learn how to protect yourself when you're outside, and protect the outside environment.



Tracking Our Environmental Health

We're championing legislation to create a national system that tracks environmental pollution and diseases like breast cancer.



Jeff Cresswell and Michelle Kalberer
Jeff Cresswell and Michelle Kalberer

Co-owners of the stainless steel bottle company Klean Kanteen, Jeff and Michelle were honored with a 2010 Breast Cancer Fund Hero Award.

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Make Prevention a Public Health Priority

At the Breast Cancer Fund, our goal is to stop breast cancer before it starts. We focus on prevention and are working for the day when we’ve eliminated its environmental causes. To do this, breast cancer prevention must be a public health priority—right alongside early detection, improving treatment and finding a cure.

We know that only 50 percent of breast cancers are linked to traditional risk factors for the disease. That means we have both the opportunity and the moral imperative to prevent it, sparing hundreds of thousands of women the agony of a life-changing diagnosis.

A key part of this work is helping to craft good public policy that prioritizes prevention.

  • IBCERCC Report

    Prioritizing Prevention

    A federal advisory committee chaired by Breast Cancer Fund President Jeanne Rizzo finds that preventing exposure to environmental risk factors is the most promising path to breast cancer prevention.

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  • Tracking Pollution and Disease

    For nearly a decade, the Breast Cancer Fund has been working to develop a national program that would give us better data about environmental links to disease.

    Learn More
  • Measuring Pollution In People

    Since sponsoring California legislation that created the first statewide biomonitoring program, the Breast Cancer Fund has advocated for increased federal funding of state programs.

    Learn More
  • Make October Breast Cancer Prevention Month

    It's time the dialogue shifted from early detection and treatment to prevention. Tell President Obama today.

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