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Create a Healthy Home

Prevention starts at home, with healthy choices for cleaning, pest removal and more.



Annie Leonard
Annie Leonard

As the writer and host of The Story of Stuff, Annie has inspired millions to work toward a sustainable future.

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Make Our Products Safe

The products we use every day contain toxic chemicals that have been linked to breast cancer and other diseases. But the Breast Cancer Fund is working hard to change that, and to change the system that let it happen in the first place. We’re focusing our efforts on making products safe through strategic policy initiatives, both at the state and federal level. Here are some of the things we’re working on:

  • Cans Not Cancer Campaign

    Cans Not Cancer

    Learn about our market campaign to get BPA out of canned food, policy solutions and the facts about BPA.

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  • Making Cosmetics Safe

    In addition to co-founding the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, we're advocating for federal legislation that will ensure the safety of personal care products.

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  • Ban BPA from infant food and feeding products

    Protecting Kids from BPA

    BPA is a problem for Americans of all ages, but babies are especially vulnerable.

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  • Cleaning Product Right to Know

    Revealing What's in Cleaning Products

    Exercise your right to know what the labels of household cleaning products won't tell you.

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  • Ensuring Non-toxic Toys

    The Breast Cancer Fund mobilized a coalition that brought about the first federal ban on phthalates in toys, despite aggressive lobbying by the chemical industry.

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  • California's Safer Consumer Products Law

    This innovative program is poised to protect Californians from chemicals in everyday consumer products.

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