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Annie Leonard
Annie Leonard

As the writer and host of The Story of Stuff, Annie has inspired millions to work toward a sustainable future.

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BPA in Thanksgiving Canned Food

An unwelcome visitor may be joining your Thanksgiving feast: bisphenol A. BPA is an estrogenic chemical that lab studies have linked to breast cancer.

The Breast Cancer Fund wanted to know how much BPA may be in a typical Thanksgiving meal, so we tested canned foods used to make popular Thanksgiving dishes:

• Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup
• Campbell's Turkey Gravy
• Carnation Evaporated Milk (by Nestle)
• Del Monte Fresh Cut Sweet Corn, Cream Style
• Green Giant Cut Green Beans (by General Mills)
• Libby's Pumpkin (by Nestle)
• Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce

For half of the products tested, a single 120-gram serving of the food contains enough BPA to show adverse health impacts in lab studies. Have some pumpkin pie after your green bean casserole and gravy, and the amount of BPA delivered to each holiday diner adds up to a concerning chemical dose.

BPA levels in the canned foods we tested were all over the map, even among cans of the same product made by the same company. No BPA was detected by our tests in Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce, although the company has stated that it does use BPA in its cans.

If you're cooking this Thanksgiving, seek alternatives to canned foods (we offer some here). Beyond the holiday season, we need to get this toxic chemical out of all food packaging and make sure replacements are safe. That's the goal of the Breast Cancer Fund's Cans Not Cancer campaign.

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Report: BPA in Thanksgiving Canned Food

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Thank you to our partners for their contributions to this report:

Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow A broad coalition in Massachusetts working to pass laws and policies that prevent harm to our health from toxic chemicals.
Clean and Healthy New York An organization dedicated to empowering New York's women to achieve environmental health and justice.
Clean Water Action, Massachusetts A one-million member organization of diverse people and groups joined together to protect our environment, health, economic well-being and community quality of life.
Healthy Legacy Coalition Healthy Legacy promotes healthy lives by supporting the production and use of everyday products without toxic chemicals.
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy IATP works locally and globally at the intersection of policy and practice to ensure fair and sustainable food, farm and trade systems.
Just Green Partnership A broad coalition focused on transforming the laws that govern how chemicals are regulated and or marketed in the State of New York.

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