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Annie Leonard
Annie Leonard

As the writer and host of The Story of Stuff, Annie has inspired millions to work toward a sustainable future.

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Cans Not Cancer

Cans Not Cancer Campaign

The Breast Cancer Fund's Cans Not Cancer campaign aims to get BPA—an estrogenic chemical linked in lab studies to increased breast cancer risk—out of food cans. In partnership with our Advisory Committee, we're putting the pressure on manufacturers to replace BPA in their cans with a safe alternative that's not linked to disease.

Our Cans Not Cancer campaign is about your health, our children's health, and a safer future in which breast cancer rates have dropped because we've reduced our exposure to toxic chemicals. Join us!

  • Buyer Beware cover sm

    Buyer Beware report

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  • Buyer Beware report

    Tell Kroger & Campbell's: It's time to can BPA

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  • BPA in Kids' Canned Food

    Support Cans Not Cancer

    Make a gift today to support the Breast Cancer Fund's campaign to get BPA out of canned food.

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  • Tips for Kicking the Can and Avoiding BPA

    Tips for Avoiding BPA in Canned Food

    Enjoy your favorite foods without the BPA.

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  • BPA in canned beans

    The Backstory on BPA

    What are governments, companies and consumers doing to get BPA out of food containers and packaging?

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