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5 tips to reduce your risk and protect the planet

When we make protecting Mother Earth from toxic chemicals a priority, we are also prioritizing prevention of breast cancer and numerous other health issues.



Annie Leonard
Annie Leonard

As the writer and host of The Story of Stuff, Annie has inspired millions to work toward a sustainable future.

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Green Our Chemical System

For years, the Breast Cancer Fund has documented the strong link between toxic chemicals and breast cancer. And it comes as no surprise that many other diseases—such as asthma, certain cancers, learning disabilities, autism, obesity and fertility problems—are not only on the rise, but have been linked to chemicals found in our daily lives.

That’s why we’re working to green our chemical system and decrease the risk of disease.

  • Reform the Toxic Substances Control Act

    The Breast Cancer Fund has testified before the Senate and the House on the urgent need for chemicals policy reform so that we can make prevention of breast cancer a public health priority

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  • fracking 2012

    Support Full Disclosure of Fracking Chemicals

    Ask Congress to require companies to disclose the chemicals used in fracking.

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