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October is Breast Cancer Prevention Month
Prevention is Power Prevention is Power
Join us to help prevent breast cancer by eliminating exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation linked to the disease. Learn simple things you can do to reduce your risk every day, and take action to demand safer products from companies and smarter laws from elected officials. Share with your friends and family to empower them with prevention too.
Our Community Speaks: Why Prevention?
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Choose Safe Cosmetics
image Discover what toxic chemicals are in your personal care products and how to choose more natural options. Learn More
Create a Healthy Home
image Learn how to find (and even make) nontoxic household cleaners and more. Learn More
Eat Better, Live Better
image Learn ways to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals in food. Learn More
Protect Your Family
image Make a few simple changes to reduce your family’s exposure to toxic chemicals. Learn More
Share the Power of Prevention
image Send prevention tips and videos to your friends and family. Share
Raise Your Voice for Change
image Make a difference by adding your voice to the call for policies that put the health of people and the planet above politics and profit. Take Action
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