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20 Years of Breast Cancer Prevention
Our 20th Anniversary

Honoring 20 years of the Breast Cancer Fund and our mission to prevent the disease.



Two Out of Three Food Cans Tested HaveToxic BPA in the Linings, New Report Says
Breast Cancer Fund Statement in response to Campbell’s going “BPA Free by 2017”
Mammograms: Are We Asking the Wrong Question?
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Breast Cancer Fund Staff

staff 2014

Meet our team! Together we're making prevention possible.

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Jeanne Rizzo, R.N.
President and CEO
(415) 321-2916
Jeanne Rizzo's biography


Sheila Brown
Director of Development and Special Projects
(415) 321-2904
Sheila Brown's biography

Nancy Buermeyer
Senior Policy Strategist
(415) 321-2919
Nancy Buermeyer's biography

Marie DeJournette
Senior Outdoor Events Coordinator
(415) 321-2915 

Martha Diaz
Operations Manager
(415) 321-2916

Ena Do
Director of Marketing & Communications
(415) 321-2903
Ena Do's biography 

Connie Engel, Ph.D.
Science and Education Manager
(415) 321-2909

Bronwyn Hogan
Communications Manager 
(415) 321-2920

Steven D. Low
Web Producer
(415) 321-3212

Melissa Moore
Development Manager, Foundation & Donor Relations
(415) 321-2917

Janet Nudelman
Director of Program and Policy
(415) 321-2902
Janet Nudelman's biography

Sharima Rasanayagam, Ph.D.
Director of Science
(415) 321-2906
Sharima Rasanayagam's biography

Emily Reuman
Public Policy Coordinator
(415) 321-2907 

Sara Schmidt
Outreach and Organizing Manager
(415) 321-2922

Jessica Smith
Development Manager
(415) 321-2911

Melissa Van Slyke
Coordinator of Website and Reporting
(415) 321-2918

Maija Witte
Marketing Campaigns Research Coordinator
(415) 321-2914

Donald Yang
Database and IT Coordinator
(415) 321-2910

Cindy Yuan
(415) 321-2908

Key Consultants

Environmental and Energy Consulting
California Public Policy Consultants

The Raben Group
Federal Public Policy Consultants

Sally Werth
Certified Public Accountant