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True Nature Botanicals

Tru Nature

True Nature Botanicals (formerly Marie Veronique Organics) creates effective, natural, and luxurious skincare products and solid perfumes. Scents that smell beautiful and anti-aging products that really work. No toxins. Not ever. True Nature Botanicals is committed to delivering the highest percentages of the highest-impact ingredients—but not at the highest price. Selling direct to consumers online—without middlemen or consultants—makes that possible.

True Nature Botanicals has supported the Breast Cancer Fund since 2009 because of the significant impact we’ve made on our industry and women’s health. They share our mission for a nontoxic world and want to help us continue our powerful work to educate consumers on how to avoid toxic chemicals in everyday products. During the month of October, True Nature Botanicals will donate 10% of all solid perfume sales to the Breast Cancer Fund working to expose and eliminate the environmental causes of breast cancer.  Now it’s even easier to do a good deed for women, the world, and your skin.